Friday, May 28, 2010

Just one thing

I forgot to mention the other day how I had such a lovely time with my mom by the sea - we've hardly ever spent time together (just her and I) since I left home decades ago, so it was long overdue.

We got to talking about the past, about my parent's divorce, my dad and a bunch of other stuff. The sequence of events and the events themselves.

I found out a lot of stuff I had no idea about and it led me to wonder: what if?

What if one thing, one little thing in your past hadn't happened or if the timing of that thing had been different, what would your life be like today?

A missed bus leading to a missed chance encounter? A word not spoken, leading to a misunderstanding and heartache? A job offer accepted, leading to one life and not the other? An accidental pregnancy or miscarriage? Attending one school and not the other? Answering that phone in the middle of the night?

One little thing... changes the entire sequence of events that follow.

You would not be here, you would not have the life you have now if things had unfolded in any different way down to the smallest of details back then.

Good, or bad?

/end of Ponderings post/


Kathryn said...

I hear you on that. One thing I think about all the time is how perfectly all the stars needed to be aligned for me and my honey to meet.

Glad you got to spend some well deserved time with your mom and got to talk about things.

Happy Friday!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I often think of these things too. But I think our life is destined to be what it is. We have some power of the quality of where we are now...but I think a lot of it is already in the cards.
Sounds like a nice visit with mom...and perhaps some questions answered.

C said...

i so agree with you although i then ask myself the question= am i who i am today because of what i have lived through ... or despite what i have lived through..

this is one of those things that there will never be just one answer to. but awfully good question, nikki...

i am so glad you had the chance to talk and be with your mom. it just fills the soul up when the relationship is good, doesnt it.

you both deserved that gift.

plus it's good to talk about old stuff with wisdom from time to heal from alot of it or at least put it into perspective.

still waitin on those pictures.... missy ;)


dons_mind said...

personally - i hate "what ifs". i see little or not point in even thinking about what ifs because they can't be! however, my wife and both daughters thoroughly love what ifs and spend tons of time discussing their what ifs. se la vie ;)

Just Breathe said...

Exactly! Glad you had such a great time with your mom.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

What a great experience to share with your mother. I wish I had that. Its the kind that you experience and sticks out as a memory you keep forever. I take my mind there about "what ifs" a lot and Hubby always reminds me....if everything didnt align the way it did - then you would not be enjoying the happiness of your life now...