Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do you really need a title?

I shouldn't blog when my head's about to smack into the keyboard - soooo tired - but I just wanted to brag about the amazingly gorgeous hot August weather we had today :-D

Figured balance was required between bitching about the snow and bitching about being a walking wet salt sponge in the same week. He he.
The humidity did a number on my hair today:

But the new haircut held well, I'm pleased!

I'm ready for a lovely cool shower and then a dive into clean bedsheets. And yes, it's only 9:30pm - please no laughing, I'm old!

Fine, middle-aged.


Our lawn and landscaping look awesome today, thanks to us biting the bullet and finally mowing slash weed whacking slash gardening slash raking this weekend. It's not all done but it's getting there, bit by bit. Yey!

I just need to paint the front cement stairs to add some curb appeal to this place but we need three straight days of dry warmth for that, and as you know if you've been reading this blog - that ain't happened yet, and it's not scheduled to happen anytime soon... Looks like we have a week of rain ahead of us. Boo!

We had a great weekend though, I feel relaxed and content. Even had our first BBQ of the season tonight, how about that!

Oh, and pulled the first tick of the season off one of the dogs.

These two things are not related.

ick ick ick ick ick ick ick

OK enough with the verbal piddle, I'm stiff with salt and need a scrubbing. Amazing what 95% humidity and 30C (86F) will do to you when you're raking grass clippings off two acres of land. At least the flock was happy to have a green buffet!

I love my flock.

Sigh :-)

/end of It's All About The Heat post/


Just Breathe said...

Glad it was a better day. Love your photo and your hair looks awesome. Sorry about the tick.
Do you use anything on the dogs
for that?

Busy Bee Suz said...

So glad the flock enjoyed all your work...I bet the yard does look nice now.
Your hair and you look wonderful.
Sounds like a weekend full of good hard work...and maybe that will pay off soon with the selling of your home!!!

Ticks???? Uggghhhhh. I hate 'em!!

C said...

your haircut is SOOOO cute! you look so cute!

ticks, ey? try Frontline on the goggies, it works so well! thats what we use on bella.

it is alot of work doing all you did but it sure feels satisfying, doesnt it?

enjoy that hot bath!


Kathryn said...

Nothing wrong with 9:30, that seems to be my bed time of late.

The hair looks great! :o)

Farley said...

cool awesome hair techno! woooooo i wish my hair was curly LOL XoXoxOxO

Farley said...


ModernMom said...

Oh I love the curls! Jealous..I just get frizz :)

Anonymous said...

what strange weather you have. and what I wouldn't do to have just an ounce of curl in my hair. I'm glad humidity is a rare thing around here though. I lived in Michigan. I remember.

Lady Banana said...

Gorgeous photo of you, your hair looks so pretty :)

Katie said...

Your haircut is beautiful! (PS I accidentally typed harcute on my first try...and I think it's appropriate.) :)

Technodoll said...

Just Breathe, I just bought some bug repellant pour-on product for the dogs yesterday... Hope it works!

Busy Bee, the yard has all grown back to a field of dandelions. We just can't win! LOL

C, Frontline is not sold in Canada - come gov'ment crock about it being not safe! *shakes head*

Kathryn, I love me an early bedtime :)

Farley, I'd trade hair with you anytime, you have a gorgeous mane!

ModernMom, curls are just frizz in straightjackets!

Tonya, humidity is no hair's best friend :-o

Lady B, why thank you!

Katie, haircute should be in the dictionary - that made me smile :)