Thursday, May 6, 2010

Easy does it

You know, I do like a rainy day once in a while - it forces me to slow down a bit and recuperate from the crazy.

I may have overdone it a bit yesterday :-D

Even if I can't feel my arms, I'm all proud to have finally conquered the lawn tractor. See, last summer the damn thing kept choking on me and was impossible to get moving so I just gave up. Yep. Gave it a good kick as well as the finger and told Vegas he was responsible for lawn mowing. All 3 acres of grass.

Did I mention he dislikes mowing the lawn?

I even think dislike is an understatement.

Specially when the grass grows so fast, you need to clip it every five days or so during the hot summer months. Eeeeesshhhh.

These days the weather is wreaking havoc on mowing plans since it rains when Vegas is home, or it just rained and the ground is water-logged. Dandelions have invaded this county and it just looks like shit - hard to sell a property's awesome green grounds when everything is covered in yellow crap, eh?

The realization hit two weeks ago when I saw the neighbor's 10 year-old kid mowing the lawn on their tractor. I felt like Tarzan just then. Oh yeah. Not.

Humiliated. Oh, the shame.

Well screw that! So yesterday I asked Vegas to please show me how the machine worked again and hot damn! I got it! I got it! Wooo!

I spent a couple of hours getting my lawn legs in order and you know what?

I love it.


I'm not really good at it yet - specially in the lumpy, hilly and steep bits - but I look forward to keeping this place in pristine shape during the summer. That plus weeding the flower beds will hopefully give the property the curb appeal it needs to sell!

So after mowing for a few hours I had to rake the thick clippings off some parts of the grass and recycle those into the flock's run (like tossing a barrel of candy into the school yard) and then spend another hour with the weed-whacker trimming around trees and such. That's what did me in. Stupid weed whacker.

That was just part of yesterday's crazy.

A tiny part.

Are you tired yet? :-D

It's Mother's Day on Sunday, for those of you that celebrate this special day don't forget to mail those cards or plan your day! I'm not sure we ever really tell those we love how much they mean to us... Of course we don't need the calendar to dictate our feelings but sometimes a gentle reminder isn't a bad thing, either.

Peace, out!

/end of Have You Hugged Your Bear Today? post/


Candice said...

That's great! Me and my family just moved into a duplex and we're in charge of mowing the lawn. I've never mowed before and neither has my husband! My dad and brother did it when I lived with my parents, and I've been in apartments after that. And my husband's good excuse is that there's practically no grass in Egypt.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Congrats to you telling the mower who the boss is. Yep, it is YOU.
Yard work is exhausting.
I used to think dandelions were cute. They are evil. pure evil. Created by Satan himself. Right?

Mother's day on sunday....oh fun. Are you going to see your mom?

Anke said...

I gotta say mowing the lawn is where I draw the line. I will water and weed, fertilize, compost, cut back shrubs, but mowing 'absolutely not.' We even have a riding mower, but I refuse to use it. Maybe in a few years when our girls are old enough they can start and hubby can have a break... :-)

Anonymous said...

you always compliment how in shape I am, but from what you describe in your farm activities, YOU are an athlete!

Adventures In China said...

Wow, I am so impressed! I remember mowing my family's 1/2 acre lawn, and what a pain that was. I got paid for it, too. 3 acres? You're my hero!

Way to beat the tractor into submission. The machines will not rise again! haha.

Have a great weekend!

Vegas said...

you did a good job of it too :) It's a relief to know we can both do it now!

Just Breathe said...

I use to love cutting the lawn. Wow, you have a lot to cut! Have that glass of wine and relax. You shouldn't have any trouble sleeping.

Technodoll said...

Candice, you'll see it's great fun... and the chickens LOVE the fresh grass clippings!

Busy Bee, my mom's gone by the sea for the weekend but she got her gift before she left, all is good :)

Anke, we'd make a good gardening team since I love mowing!

Tonya, I get winded climbing a measly flight of stairs so... :-o

Rebecca, I showed it my Terminator biceps and kaPOW! he he

Vegas, who are you kidding... the lawn tractor is all mine now! :-D

Just Breathe, I'm a neat freak so seeing the lawn all tidy and short is a real motivator!