Thursday, May 20, 2010

Being a good girl and all

Does anyone actually like going to the dentist?


I kinda do... I mean I've had the same one for over 20 years now and still have all my teeth, never had to endure much pain and he's amazing with the insurance and waiving fees (today cost me $0 for exam, cleaning, regular x-rays, panoramic x-ray and sealing a chipped filling). It's such a nice office, too - I saw it evolve from a tiny place to a big fancy gig so that's pretty cool.
But the truth is that I love having my teeth scraped.

Am I a freak?

In other news, the ginger slaphead (aka Dante our french mastiff) is getting his furry plums lopped off tomorrow morning, hallelujah and happy birthday, boy!

Slap chop!

No more penis glue splatters on the floors and walls and hopefully this will calm him down a bit. We'll see by September, once the t'rone has left the building, if anything changes. Better do.
I'll leave you with a few pics from my new series, "The City" -
All pics click bigger ;-)

I'll post more pics from the series tomorrow...

G'nite, world!

/end of Busy But Bountiful day/


Busy Bee Suz said...

Those are great city pics!!
Penis glue on the floor and walls? What the hey??? That right there would keep me from entertaining folks. :)
I do love the dentist too. I love to have my teeth cleaned.
I used to have many many teeth issues growing up...until I was about 32!!! Now, I just get cleanings and it is a pleasure.
I have had the same dentist for over 10 years. They love me. They love my $$$!

Kathryn said...

LOVE the city pix.

Hopefully Dante will calm down significantly with the absence of his berries.

Dislike the dentist. Immensely.

Happy Friday!!

Lou said...

I love the dentist too....shall we have a club?

Furry plums?....never heard that b4...feel a bit queasy now...

Great pictures


Curly said...

Hate the dentist. Love clean teeth.

prin said...

*cringe* you like that?!?! Eeee.

Hopefully you won't smell him too.

Piper said...

Oh I love the bike photo, well they are all really great! Thanks for the eye candy!

Lady Banana said...

I hate getting my teeth scraped, love the feeling afterwards though!

Just Breathe said...

Like the city pictures. Do not like the dentist, haven't been in years. If it ain't broke.....