Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yey weekend goodies!

I'm ignoring this shitty weather (ie: freezing rain and snow) by focusing on good stuff - besides, it can't rain all the time* - right?

My friend's hatch went brilliantly: 23 beautiful healthy chicks out of 24 eggs, which is a phenomenal success rate! I'm keeping one, and he's picking up the rest tomorrow evening. We're both so thrilled :)

Today was for driving a few towns over to meet my mom & stepdad for lunch - lovely time, btw - and pick up a young easter-egger hen as well as seven blue laced red wyandotte chicks: yey! They're gorgeous and they're very rare around these parts so I hope they grow up to be good specimens.

I'm all chickened out now.

Yes, you heard me: I've reached my limit, LOL!

In other news, one of the idiot boys (Dakotah) took himself off on a rabbit-hunting expedition this afternoon, in the muddy rain, only the rabbits are someone's pets in a hutch the next street over - GAAH! We got a phone call to come get our dog, quick - and let me tell you he got a beating! MoFo! He's escaped over a dozen times now the past month with no repercussions and today was just the straw that broke the boombah's back.

*deep breath*

Time to pretend to make dinner. Vegas is downstairs training and he expects a hot meal right after, I've instructions to have food ready by 7pm. I wonder if he'll like Kraft Dinner with ketchup in a smiley face?

Oh shut up, you know I kid.


Have a great weekend, peeps!

*Eric Draven, The Crow


Just Breathe said...

Sorry about Dakotah's romp ~ bad dog. Have you really reached your limit. I must say it seems like you have allot of them. So what is the count? Lunch out, that sounds like a good idea. Well actually we did that yesterday!!! Enjoy your Sunday.

C said...

wow you do have alot of lil chickies... how many in total?

have you decided to keep dakota, i remember you said he waas on probation!

i know you are just kiddin bout dinner... you love to cook and take good care of vegas... lol

have a good day today.... enjoy the babies..


Busy Bee Suz said...

Mr. Dakotah is a naughty boy!!!
Yay for chick success.
It is crappy and raining here too...but not cold.
Kraft mac and cheese is good. :)

myself said...

Um as a bunny keeper, here's hoping the bunnies were all good?


Technodoll said...

Just Breathe, we're bursting at the seams! LOL! And yet... Oh, how I love those wee newborns... sigh.

C, it's Dante that was on probation and we have decided to finally rehome him. The search for a new and wonderful family has begun... :-/

Busy Bee, we ended up going out to the restaurant for dinner - wheeee!

Myself, no news about the bunners so I don't know... I assume she found a good home for them?

Adventures In China said...

Canadian Kraft Dinner is amazing! I don't know what you add to it, but it beats the American version hands down.

Yes, I do miss crap food over here.

Congrats on all the chickies!