Friday, April 9, 2010

Oooo la la (dee da)

Where to begin?

We have a house showing tomorrow.
Which meant frantic cleaning and landscaping today.
Which will be demolished by tonight's snow.
You heard me: SNOW.
More frantic cleaning tomorrow morning.
Then we have to be out of the house, with the 3 dogs, while the realtor shows the place.
What the hell are we going to do for 1.5 hours with dogs in the freezing rain.
This spring is psychotic.
Arctic and Antarctic.
Ha ha.
My favorite comedians are back!
So excited - take a look, you Kids In The Hall fans!

LOVE these guys!

I ache in places I didn't know I had.
Stupid muscles.
Going to soak in a hot bubble bath now.
Well, after this glass of wine.
Thank you Vegas for bringing your wife a bottle after work :-D

Tomorrow we're meeting friends in the city for a sushi dinner - can't wait!
A nice reward for being a good house-wifey.
If only we'd get an offer for this place, that would be nice.
Maybe the lovely red cedar mulch I put in the flower beds today will seal the deal!
Stupid snow.
It better not cover the daffodils.

Kiwi is leaving us this weekend.
Tomorrow or Sunday, not sure yet.
I want it over with so I can grieve properly and not hang with pain like this.
Stupid senseless injury.
I love her so much :(

I ate an entire family-sized bag of M&M easter eggies by myself in two sittings.
Trying to feel ashamed but considering opening the 2nd bag instead.
This is love.

/end of Fruitless Means Without Fruit post/


prin said...


Yey snow!

Maybe cover the daffodils?

I tried to watch Death Comes to Town but it just never got good, imo. Too absurd but not in an ironic way like KITH was.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Snow? SNOW? Wow.

I hope the showing goes well.
WHen we were selling our house and I had to scoot out...I took the kids to the McDonalds play area.
You need one of those for the dog.

Sushi in the city? Sounds great.

I hope that Kiwi gets another chance in her next life to be a queen.

C said...

snow again? wow that sucks... yeah, i'd take the kids to a play park for goggies and have a lil picnic you n vegas... hot chocolate and some sandwiches.... grapes... whatev.... lol

have a great time in the city demain soir! you do mean montreal, right? oh how i long to go there again... so many memories pour moi. i still have family there. i have an old rosary from l'oratoire saint joseph du mont-royal that my godfather gave me when i was little... it was old then, and is in a lil red leather hand sewn round portefeuille [spelling?]...

is that even still there?


Farley said...

technodoll will flipper still be in canada when i come over i really want to see her!!!!!!!!!!! shes my fav

Farley said...

ps look at my profile pic!

Technodoll said...

Prin, no snow here thankfully - just in the surrounding mountains I think... daffodils are safe albeit freeeezing! I'll give the new KITH show a go, I just missed them so much!

Busy Bee, yes we need a McD for dogs! yey!

C, yes the Oratoire is still there - I love that place! I'll wave at it for you next time I pass by ;-)

Farley, awe I adore your profile pic!! And yes Flipper will still be here when you visit (as long as she's really a girl, we'll know for sure when she either lays an egg or crows this summer!) xxx

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

wow, snow...sorry girlie, but I hope the house showing goes well.I wish for you to have a buyer soon!

Just Breathe said...

Hope it went well yesterday. I'm way behind on reading. That video is pretty funny. I haven't really watched them. Have a wonderful dinner tonight.

Adventures In China said...

I am so very sorry to hear about Kiwi. I know it is the circle of life that some don't make it, but it doesn't seem fair. She is beautiful and strong in so many ways. I am so glad her life has lots of love in it. You will really miss her, I know.

Snow is crazy! It has been so cold here, too, for this time of year. Mother Earth needs a hug!