Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Laughter, the best medicine

I wish I could laugh, though.

Right now I'm so close to tears, it's anything but funny.

The snow hasn't stopped falling for one single minute since 6am. And more in the forecast for tomorrow. Then rain on Thursday, which is when we have yet another (fruitless time-wasting) house visit and of course Vegas isn't here so I have to clean the whole giant house by myself and I have no car, so where am I supposed to go for an hour in the rain with three giant muddy dogs?


Go on, laugh - maybe it'll be contagious? :-o

I really tried today, I swear.
I baked a bunch of yummy cookies:

I made lovely fragrant wontons (pork, tofu, fresh lime, fresh coriander, fresh ginger and garlic, green onions...) and if you've ever made the little bastids you know they take forever. Vegas helped glue them together, that was cool :)

I did laundry.

I tried to entertain the pissed-off chickens and nurse the sick babies - they get better then BAM! Cold and humid and another one catches a death rattle.


I poured a glass of wine from the bottle and it took two sips to realize it had turned to vinegar. I guess that will happen after ten days on the kitchen counter... Ooops.

No other wine in the house.

At least the dogs are pragmatic about the snowstorm:

Yeah... I wish I were a dog.
Life would be easier sometimes.

Vegas said I should quit whining, I've been complaining all freaking day. And it hasn't even helped, I still feel like crumbling to bits. Everything is buried under a ton of heavy snow, it will take me hours to fix the damage it did to the coop run, the flower gardens are ruined, the land will take days to drain (muddy dogs, muddy dogs, muddy dogs... muddy house) and more people want to come see the property but nobody ever makes an offer.

Sick of this.

I want OUT of this goddamn place!


Anonymous said...

It's the Onion Snow (as they call it) Wow, look at it. Love seeing the babies. They look like they are loving the snow. My hubby thinks the cookies look delicious!!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I just can't get over the fact that you MADE wontons. YOu MADE THEM.
I would never in a million years try that....
You amaze me. Must be all the cold air, it is going to your head. :0

Just Breathe said...

I'm sorry. The dogs sure had fun on the video. I just love watching dogs play. Cookies look delicious.
My husband is in Canada this week and told me all about the snow today. He wasn't thrilled!

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

So sorry about the snow...spring is coming (I promise); but the cookies look delish!

C said...

your cQQkies look delish, the dogs are as cute as always, i would lerve to try your wontons, the snow is beautiful but it sucks bigtime at this time of year, i just noticed your rQQster collection in the previous post picture and i lerve them, if vegas dont like your whining, shut him up by kissing him, and MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN! bwahahahaha

when things go like they are for you right now, you HAVE to laugh... or you will cry. if i lived there i would come keep you company, we'd cook, laugh, and plot a murder bwahahahahaha kiddin...

ahh, to be a dog.. although i wouldnt wanna be eatin raw chicken! [gags].

hang in there, this too shall pass. oh, i know where you can go for the house showings for an hour with the doggies... hide in a closet and scare the shit outta the buyers when they open the door! bwahahahaha


ModernMom said...

Snow in April. That is a mean trick by Mother Nature! Perhaps these people will actually buy, I'm sure the smell of the freshly baked cookies will help!

prin said...

Remember when this house was your dream house?

Technodoll said...

Jmom, the cookies are nummers! Thank goodness for sugar ;-)

Busy Bee, they're so easy! You buy the wrappers, make the filling, then fold up the little bundles, drop in hot broth and voilà! Sooo good!

Just Breathe, which part of Canada was your husband in?

Daring, I ate a cookie for you ;-)

C, we're working things out one at a time... the sun shone today at last so there is hope for spring! Hurrah!

Modern Mom, they're a very long shot but hey, you never know right? Someday, someone will buy this place..!

Prin, yeah :-) And now our dreams have changed and it's time to move on. Sigh.