Monday, April 19, 2010

Here we go again!

Just when I think everything's under control, something happens. I'm struck by how naive I am and, oh I dunno, easily fooled into a false sense of security?

The batch of babies that hatched under mama hen have lice.

Yes, you heard me: lice.

I never in a million years imagined this could happen, or that the flock was infested AGAIN. Fuck! They've been treated so many fucking times now! I don't understand!


So now the babies have all been treated and one of them is really sick, it's in a box on our counter under a heating lamp - I had to syringe meds down its throat, poor little bugger. Crossing fingers it gets better... They are so tiny and so fragile at this age :-/

Half of them go to their new homes at the end of the week so thank goodness I caught this in time - my reputation could have been ruined!

Tomorrow I will have to clean out and disinfect the entire coop as well as treat 30 birds (catch, hold, put some drops on the skin of their neck - not an easy feat let me tell you). If I'm lucky it will take me about 3 hours from start to finish. And then repeat again at some point because apparently the coop is cursed!

I get extra dog chores for the next couple of days, too.

Ah well.

Owning pets is about assuming the bad with the good, right?

At least it's supposed to be warm and sunny tomorrow, for a change. Then this headache can take a hike, everyone can enjoy some fresh air and life is good :)

Good news: we paid a super accountant to get our taxes done and taadaaah! A nice refund is on the way, yey! I can pay off my laptop and re-invest the money into my RRSP's to ensure another refund next year. Or so I hope. And I'm getting my hair cut this week, too! Bonus!

On this note, I'm off to put freshly-washed sheets on the bed and try to get some sleep, if sleep will have me.

/end of Wishing For Mister Sandman post/


Vegas said...

well I'm only way for one night, so it's not that much extra... :D

prin said...

How did they get lice? Like, was it in the eggs? The mama?

How many dog chores are there? Can dogs get lice? :D

How many questions do I have?

I hope you sleep hard. *hugs*

Busy Bee Suz said...

I had no idea that chickens could get lice. Ughhhh.
I remember the nightmare with 2 small kids...I just can't imagine.
good luck. I hope you got a good nights rest to prepare for your work.

Technodoll said...

Vegas, who's going to wash the dinner dishes? booo!

Prin, they got lice from their mama - I had checked her and she seemed clean but nope... The whole flock got treated this morning, such a PITA! And no the lice are cannot cross species, LOL! I didn't sleep. I have a migraine. the end :-o

Busy Bee, oh yes pests and vermin looove chickens, it's a never-ending battle to keep them clean if you let them free-range. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

damn girl your chickens sound like 10 times more work than kids!

Nicholas said...

i hope you are able to get rest... poor you... so much work... yuk lice... poor lil chickies..

maybe you n vegas can have a good night out on the town as a break from all the hard work and long hours....


Foothills Poultry said...

Lice are a pain to get rid of. My birds got them a couple years ago. I dusted, sprayed, dusted, cussed for 6 months. Ivermec finally did the tricked. Just 5-8 drops on the skin of each bird. Takes awhile for 100+ birds, but got rid of all pests(in and out).


C said...

hey TD, it's me, c under my son's blog, nicholas... sorry i didnt know he wasnt signed out! but its just moi... ton amie..


myself said...

you are no longer allowed to ask me how I deal with all my pets LOL.

Hope everyone is ok .

ModernMom said...

I had no idea chickies could get lice! Best of luck de ousing my friend, that sounds like no fun at all!

Technodoll said...

Tonya, nah they're pretty maintenance-free if you're not a chicken-mama like me, LOL!

C, there are busy days and there are quiet evenings to make up for them... it all balances out ;-)

Matt, I use Ivermectin drops on the flock as I tried dusting and got sick from that, plus it's hell on a huge flock... the lice disappear but then come back a couple months later, it's so aggravating!

Myself, ok ok I promise to never ask anymore! ha ha!

ModernMom, the treatment is pretty easy to apply on the birds but cleaning and disinfecting the coop, now that's a 4-hour job! Thankfully all done now. Yey!

Just Breathe said...

Sorry about that, that is allot of work. Hope the little guy will be okay.