Friday, April 23, 2010

The good life

It's amazing what a bit of warm sun can do to one's soul.

We are so retiring somewhere warm!

Yep, it's decided. Screw the endless bitterly cold winters - we're moving somewhere coastal and enjoying life as it should be. Hopefully sooner than later if life wishes us well, cuz cruising the beach with a walker and a bad case of arthritis kinda sucks if you know what I mean!

In other house news, the people who looked so promising to put an offer on the house turned out to be time-wasters. I really don't get it: if your budget it so-and-so, why the hell do you visit properties way above your means or what you want to pay? You know?

So annoying.

We have another house visit on Sunday so hopefully, at some point, the damn place will get sold so we can get our life in order. Sick and tired of endless cleaning and then having our personal space invaded by strangers. Hate it!

Anyways. What can ya do except hope for the best and deal with the rest.

I finally managed to take a pic of my lap chicken today, she also doubles as my shoulder chicken - and no it's not staged, it's what she likes to do! Quite the adventure to have a hen fly up to roost on your head because she wants a cuddle, LOL!
Horrible ghost-squinting-in-the-sun photo,
but you get the idea:

Sweetie, my brown leghorn, fancies herself a parrot.

Or a cat, depending on her mood:

I loves her :)

I have to share a sad story with you. Last night a very lovely family (mom, dad, 9 year old son) came to get two silkie chicks that they had anxiously been waiting for since before they were born. I picked two that seemed the healthiest since there was one in the bunch that was sneezing and coughing (remember my last post? Well another baby got sick but the rest seemed fine) and I had put everyone on antibiotics to clear things up.

They brought the babies home, gave them names and were so thrilled, until they woke up this morning to find one of the babies had an eye swollen shut and was gasping for breath :(

The stress of the ride home brought out a hidden infection and it was dying.

The poor woman was sobbing on the phone and didn't know what to do, I gave her options and she chose euthanasia by the vet. I'm a softie and totally understood her broken heart, lord knows I have cried for those chickens... Until she told me the real reason this incident was so difficult.

They recently lost their four and a half year old daughter. Their son, upon finding the sick baby this morning, burst into tears as he was so heartbroken, it was his favorite one. He said the little one was for his sister in heaven, so she could have a chick too. He left for school crying and the distraught mom had no-one to turn to for help.

And you tell me there is a god? Really?

/end of Making Up For Mother Nature post/


Just Breathe said...

That is so sad, that poor family. I will say a prayer for them.
Love your chicken on your lap and shoulder. How sweet and pretty she is. Now why would a realtor bring someone who doesn't qualify? I didn't think they showed houses to people without knowing their budget.

prin said...

How is there not a God? The bird gave the kid an outlet for his pain. And gave the woman you for hers.

And that hen is adorable when she shuts her eyes for pets. :D

Vegas said...

yeah, if only God hadnt killed his sister and her daughter in the first place, all the effort He put into convenient grief releases could have been avoided...

Anyway - that video is awesome

Roshan said...

First, I have never seen a hen sitting on people's shoulders. She is el loco. Beautiful pic.

The story about the little boy & his family - that broke my heart. I can't imagine what they have been through.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Aggghhh...on the house selling stuff. Argghhh. Sorry.
The hen on your shoulder? Perfect. She is the pirate of chickens. or the chicken of pirates????

Sorry about the baby given to another family...very VERY heartbreaking.

I hope tomorrow only brings sunshine and rainbows.

ps. When you retire to Florida, I hope we are neighbors.

C said...

whatta a sad story. the ONLY comfort i can find in all that would be to tell the little boy well now his sissie does have her own chickie in heaven and thats where the little one went.

maybe it would bring him comfort in some way. awwwww how fucking sad that is...
if you have the opportunity i wouldnt mind at all if you passed that on to them.

your sweetie pie is so pretty. i love how she responds when you pet her, she closes her eyes and looks soothed.

i may never eat chicken again. she is so alive and pretty and cute on you! you look belle in feathers!

thank you for sharing. good luck sunday with the house.

the right owners will come along and buy your house, and the right one for you will be waiting, you'll see!


Technodoll said...

Just Breathe, I thought so too but apparently some buyers lie... oh well, NEXT!

Prin, I love this hen to bits, she's just amazing!

Vegas, agreed :)

Roshan, el loco is right! as for the family tragedy, it's so very sad :(

Busy Bee, neighbors if you share your awesome gardening secrets? ;)

C, I have been eating less and less chicken the past few months, although I can still make the distinction between food suppy and pets. Still difficult though.