Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Alien noodle bits

That's what my arms feel like.

And my legs.

Floppity flop flop.

That's it, I'm (hopefully) done with carpentry for the flock for a while.

While I enjoy building stuff to give them the best life possible in our current circumstances, I've reached my limit. I'm beyond sore and have other things to do with my daytime hours, dear lovelies!

Eleven silkie babies are due tomorrow and they're all pre-sold :-o

Twenty four assorted purebreds are due Friday, it's a batch I am incubating for a friend so the babies will only be here for a few days.

But still. Utter cuteness. Of course, I'll be keeping two or three...

One of my young girls who just started laying decided to go broody (oh, brother) so I'll let her hatch some silkie eggs since I have clients lined up for chicks... I'm not making any money out of this but it does help to pay for their food and I'm meeting such nice people along the way, plus I get to hold sweet babies so it's win-win all around :)

Last bit of chicken news for now:

My first batch of chicks are three weeks old tomorrow, how time flies!

I built them an exercise pen this afternoon as they were clamoring for fresh air and since I'm a sucker good mom, they got to enjoy their very first taste of grass and warm sunshine - they're like big feathery fleas, testing out their little wings with giant jumps, squeaking and cheeping and all scared of the big new world around them.

Video and/or pics to come tomorrow since we're doing it again :-D


I'm so bleddy tired.

I guess today's post was only about chickens after all... OooOooops. Have I just become THAT sort of person? A kooky old boring housewife with overgrown roots, dirt under her fingernails, saggy pants and frizzy hair?


Time for a hot shower and an early night.

So bleddy tired.


/end of Bring Out The Mulch Mama I'm Coming Home post/


ModernMom said...

Oh I like reading about your chicken babies! Get some rest girlfriend:)

Busy Bee Suz said...

"big feathery fleas" You are so funny.
I love your chickens as much as I love my dogs. And your dogs too.
I don't know how you keep up with all of them. you are amazing!!
Rubber arms? That is a good thing. I think.
Rest up sweets...tomorrow brings more adventure.

C said...

yep agree with suz, a new adventure demain, and you best rest for it, sistah! i never grow fatigue of hearing about les enfants weather they bark or peep... i could use more pictures, too...


Adventures In China said...

I love how much the chickens are a part of your life now, because I think it's wonderful when hobbies become so important to us. Maybe your new career is chicken breeder/farmer? How great would that be? Unintended consequences are wonderful things.

Get some rest! I know you have those awesome 222s in Canada too. :)

myself said...


I've few words these days, it's the exhaustion....sorry....

prin said...

Youuuu. Cut it out with the boring. If we all had chickens and had our own chicken stories, it'd be boring, but it's all new to us, see?


I want s'more eggs too. :D

They're tasty.

And, um... I wonder if the laptop knows this blog used to be its own. Think it senses it? :D

Technodoll said...

ModernMom, chicken babies are the best, I have to admit!

Busy Bee, I need to film those little ones jumping about like crazed mexican beans, LOL!

C, I took pics today, will post! Since you asked ;-)

Rebecca, yes indeed- discovering new passions makes life a wonderful journey! yey!

Myself, I'm amazed you find the time to read!!

Prin, it knows eeeeeverything. he he!

Just Breathe said...

Hope you had a good nights sleep.
I can't wait to see the videos. You can talk chickens everyday of the week as far as I'm concerned.
Of course I do like to hear updates about you, Vegas and the selling of the house too!