Monday, February 11, 2008

Ya know...

Today wasn't all that bad! Let's see:

Good bits:

-public transport to work was a breeze
-day was productive so the hours passed quickly
-lunch was healthy and tasty, yay me
-chatted with Vegas on and off all day
-period cramps and migraine both got crushed by the nice drugs Vegas sent me from the UK (yayy codeine!)
-had a fun time with the furkids in the snow, despite the brutal, biting cold


Bad bits:
-the walk home nearly killed me, it was so freaking windy and cold
-dinner was a bunch of frozen eggrolls and plum sauce. then wine and cookies. holy fat and calories, I feel gross now. *whines*
-am missing vegas so much but he's asleep so can't call or anything.
-migraine is creeping back, what would I do for a shoulder rub.

Um, so, how did I do overall? For a Monday, I mean.


Deutlich said...

don't feel bad.. I scarfed down an entire bar of Ritter Sport chocolate before dinner...despite the diet I'm on.

Technodoll said...

How funny... I have a bar of RS (the minty center one) sitting at home and so far I've resisted it... daaamn it's hard, those things are TASTY! rrrr! Diet shmiet!

Prin said...

I still don't get that "can't call him because he's sleeping" crap. I call anyway. Do it. Doooowit. :D