Thursday, February 14, 2008

Um... he cheated and got me flowers

LOL! The sneaky bastid! *grin*

We both agreed that St-Valentine's was a cheesy commercial affair and that we celebrate love every single day in a multitude of ways, so we'd let this one drop. Well... he still managed to surprise the heck out of me with a bouquet of lovely red roses sent to my office!

Awwwww! *melts*

I already knew he was the Best One, but he keeps doing these things that make me fall in love even more, how the hell does he do that?

No matter what women say, we ALL want flowers on St-Valentine's day. Even one drawn on a piece of paper, it doesn't matter. Even if we know we are loved and special, it still doesn't matter. Flowers are life, they are spring, they are love and they are just beautiful.

Is it August yet, so I can marry him? :-D

/end of post/


Dolce said...

They always find a way to make us smile. Happy Valentine's Day!

Prin said...

Um. No, this girl does not want flowers on valentine's. Any day but valentine's. I would take a drawn one though. At least it would be a little bit more original. :) Or better yet, a drawing of a frog or cow.

Prin said...

But how will we know if guys or girls orgasm during sex? How can I compete? lol

What happened to the doggy/kitty poll? :D

btw, I picked "always" because I'm optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Awww! So sweet! My daddy sent me a dozen roses. Gotta love your dad. :)

Technodoll said...

Dolce, well the good ones do! And that's why we love them :-)

Prin, I'll take an orgasm over chocolate in a red cardboard heart pretty much anytime. But it better be damn good chocolate. rreeerr! PS: you do love the flowers, silly.

PrincessB, hurrah for awesome dads! that was very sweet of him - awe!!

Prin said...

No, not on valentine's. Promise.

Curly said...

He has to keep his woman happy. :-D

I love flowers too, but I prefer chocolate.

Technodoll said...

Um, how about a chocolate flower?

Prin said...

I'd rather a good de-flower. If you know what I mean.