Friday, February 1, 2008

Snapshots are eating me up

Well, not literally... just eating up alot of my time - am really happy with how the blog is going though, it's starting to take shape, little by little. Feedback on photos always appreciated but be kind, eh? It's just a hobby and I have no clue what I'm doing, technically, and I don't care - I like what I see, is all. So nerr. He he.

Prin where-ever you are, am thinking of you and praying you made it safely to your destination. Please give sign of life as soon as you can! The storm has been shite all day here, with snow turning to hail and freezing rain - still coming down nearly 12 hours later, bleurk.

I should dig out my skates for transportation tomorrow.

So, is this lame or what? One measly glass of South Australian red wine and I'm off my rocker. I mean difficult-to-type buzzed. 13-year-old-first-wine buzzed. Is my liver shrinking?! Fack!

How I love weekends, specially "me" weekends like this one. Got my list of stuff I want to do, mostly cooking and long-overdue house cleanups (my food pantry is a pigstye) and oh sleeeep, blessed sleeeep. Purr.

Starting... now.

/end of post/


Prin said...

I'm alive and kickin'. lol I'm trying my best not to read anybody's blogs because then they might know where I am. lol

I went through it all yesterday. Scary stuff.

I'm safe now though. :) Yey! ;)

Talk to you later maybe when he wakes up and shows me where the msn is on his computer. :D

Deutlich said...

"me" weekends are the best!!!