Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Laughter, the best medecine

Everybody is suffering through this "shit-kicker winter", as Prin put it so eloquently. And I agree. So let's all join hands and do our best to encourage each other through the next two months? Ranting is OK. Crying is OK. But laughter is still the best medecine...

So I will laugh at myself now.

Bet I looked pretty silly this morning, picking up doggie splats on the floor at 5am (he ate dirty snow or something). You should have seen me frantically apologizing to my dogs for the supershort10minute walk they got this morning, a guarantee that I will have another mess to pick up when I get home tonight. Awesome.

Bet I also looked silly trying to, once again, clean the new heavy wet snow off my car parked on the boulevard while rushing traffic slushed me from head to toe in freezing cold brown street crap.

The snowplows never came last night, so all that frantic car-moving was for naught. Well not really, since I would have had to do it today - in the rain - all things considered, I'm glad it's done. Having zero parking in my neighborhood until tomorrow morning forced me to get the car to the garage for a 3-month-overdue inspection and fine-tuning, which is good right?

Clever move to only go pick it up tomorrow morning, he he. No parking woes for tonight, thank the fack holy J.

Now that the work-day is half over, I can start breathing a bit... will catch up on all my favorite blogs tonight with a glass of wine, then cross this messy day off the calendar and congratulate myself for not going insane. Yet.

17 days.


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Deutlich said...

this winter does freaking suck.. and I'm beyond antsy trying to get the heck out of this office. for serial.

Anonymous said...

You can do it! 17 days and counting. Chocolate, lots and lots of chocolate!