Monday, February 4, 2008

I admit utter defeat

This winter has chewed me up and spit me out like an olive pit. I concede, I roll over, Winter: 1, Technodoll: less than 0.

I've had to dig out the car this winter more often than the past 4 winters combined, and we're only halfway through. It's not the end of the world when you're expecting to shovel, are dressed for it and not flattened by a supersucky long stressful workday, right? Right.

Well tonight was NOT one of those days.

I could only get in and out of the car through the passenger door, for starters. Dragging a shovel. Dig, spin wheels, dig, spin wheels... fucking street is black ice under all that heavy dirty snow, you can't even push the damn thing cuz there is no traction to be had whatsoever, anywhere.

After 30 minutes I flag down a good samaritan, give him the keys and pray for mercy. He said the only way out was to burn the ice with heat from the tires and hope to hit asphalt enough to wrench the car out of the pithole.

My lord, I didn't think my car would survive being revved to the red zone like that, tires almost bursting into flame through all that smoke.

Burnt rubber is not sexy, it's downright nasty shit!!

But he got the car out finally after a few tries, and then my car reeked of acrid smoke for a long time afterwards. There go my tires.

I won't mention the shaky drive to the field where the dogs ran away and the snow filled my too-short boots, freezing my feet (at least it matched my face and hands) and rendering me completely useless.

I'm home now, in jammies, it took a good hour and a glass of wine to calm down, nerves still frayed and I feel raw, you know? This winter is a killer, kinda like a sleeper wave... and it had to happen the only time I am alone to face it all. I know I shouldn't complain, that many have it as bad or worse than I do, but hell!

This is not making me stronger, it's making me want to keel over and just cry for mercy. I surrender, ok? Enough with the ass kicking, it's not funny anymore!

How many days until spring?


Roshan said...

Funny thing is I would like some snow. See my part of India (and for that matter, most of India) does not see snow. We have never seen in in front of us, or felt it. Or been pelted in the face by a snowball. When I was 2.5 years old, my folks took me and my sister to the UK and they say that I loved the snow! So I wud like some snow, especially on the hot days that makes me sweat and melt. I hate that. Maybe a little snow. Just enuff to cool us down.

Prin said...

(hugs) This winter is a shit-kicker for sure. :( You're not alone in your pain and suffering. It's hard.


TeriM said...

wow, that is a sucky day :(. Just think how much more you are gonna appreciate spring when it finally shows.

Technodoll said...

Roshan, I can send you over a few truckloads eh? Anything to get rid of this crap... sigh.

Prin, I know you're having it rough too. (hugs) back, and watch that shovel.

TeriM, we are all going to fall on our knees with gratitude when the green finally hits, I think! Sigh.

~* ♥ Fallen Angel ♥ *~ said...

I hate winter......

Skryker said...

It's a soul destroying kind of winter, for sure. Nowhere near enough of the good fun type of snow and way too much of the ice and sleet and "Not again! We still haven't finished digging out from the last dump!".

It's grey and damp and icky and I'm ready for spring.


Deutlich said...

if you'd like to share some of that snow, i'd be down for it.

evvverything would shut down in these parts. meaning NO work!

Katana said...

it snowed again today. ugh.