Friday, February 1, 2008

Finally Friday - bliss!

We're supposed to get our butts kicked by a redneck snowstorm later today... The media has done an excellent job of scaring the public back into their rabbbit holes: there was less than half the usual traffic in the streets this morning, which made jaywalking all the way to work quite pleasant. *grin*

Sooo... I've been busy updating my Snapshots blog, do go visit and let me know what you think? Will probably spend part of the weekend on there, it's getting quite addictive - reeer!

More random thoughts:

Three weeks down and three more to go until my man, Vegas, gets here for a 9-day visit. Can time crawl any slower? Sigh. Didn't think so.

Blogger is still giving me headaches but A-HA! It's apparently not just me, so am wondering wtf is going on and when will it be fixed? Still looking for a way to report the damn problems but no luck. *waves white flag*

Oh and I've discovered a little bit of heaven in a cup this morning... stopped to buy a bag of fresh espresso beans last night at my neighborhood coffee roaster shop, and out of curiosity brought back home an exotic bottle of golden liquid aka "orange chocolate syrup" for lattes and italian sodas - dear lord it's a mouth orgasm! Who needs dessert anymore? puuurrrrr!

Hey I have to wait 3 more weeks for sex, a girl needs something to tide her over!


Katana said...

TGIF~ its been a really long weather-full month. I cant wait for spring.

Dolce said...

Yeah for the half way mark! You're photos are incredible. I wish I could take pictures like that.

I'm not the only one with blogger problems? Thank you. I was losing my mind.

Dolce said...

I don't think blogger is working again.

Dolce said...

Doh! Sorry TD, just delete these last two comments. It's official, I am losing my mind.

Technodoll said...

Katana, moi aussi! times a gazillion! sigh.

Dolce, you are NOT losing your ming - blogger is on PMS for quite a few peeps apparently. I hope it settles down before they drive us away - grrr.

And thank you for the photo stuff *blush*

rs27 said...

You walked all the way to work in the middle of the street? If I tried that I would be dead. D-E-D.

Technodoll said...

rs, if you go check my other blog at you will understand how i can do this on days like today, LOL!