Sunday, February 10, 2008


My photo blog would love some attention too... been trying to post pics every day and so far so good!

If only the cold, grey uninspiring weather can let up now so I can take my camera outside and snap new material - the nastiness just won't let up, ffs. I need me some green, some warmth and a road trip - raaaagh!

Either that or take out the lingerie for some auto portraits. hmmm.

/end of post/


Elisabeth said...


Sorry I've been neglecting your blog recently!

But I wanted to say a belated congratulations on your engagement!

Jessica Maceda said...

You know I love that place! Such wonderful photos.......

Technodoll said...

Elisabeth, thank youuuu! I read you every day and can see you're a busy girl - hang in there!

Jessica, you're my biggest fan, eh? So glad to have you!