Sunday, February 3, 2008

2000 calorie sunday afternoon snack

Oh. My. God.

Why did I do that? I wasn't even really craving that plate of fries with gravy and cheese from the greasy spoon next door... ugh. I'll be digesting this crap for a week. Double ugh - feel fat and slugish and oily now - not too awesome.

*beats self with a banana peel*

I must thank my man, Vegas, for fixing the diaries - me and html code, we don't get along OK? 'nuff said.

This weekend has been mellow, didn't see any friends but I did catch up on housework, laundry and cooking, took some time to play with the dogs and the Bubblegum Snapshots, not enough sleep but is there ever?

19 days until Vegas gets here, am climbing the walls with repressed hormones here - ghaa! There is no relief in wine and online scrabble anymore. I need my man. NOW!


Z28gurl said...

lol, repressed hormones!
19 days... hmm, its gonna be rough IMO
You and html codes dont get along. Cripes, me and computers dont get along, you're doing FAR better than I!
Oh and the poutine... I am envious, I cant eat those although I crave them so...

Technodoll said...

Don't worry girl, I ate enough poutine for the both of us! LOL!

Anonymous said...

NINETEEN DAYS!! Seems like a lifetime when those hormones are raging. LOL! But it will be here before you know it. Now will he be back for good or is this just a visit?

rs27 said...

Beat yourself with a banana peel? I don't think thats enough of a punishment.

Katana said...

woman, that's my daily meal!!!

Its ok. one bad meal isn't enough to hurt you. So long as it's not a daily curse.

banana peel... ewie.

Deutlich said...

mmm... food. I do that all the freakin' time.. unfortunately!

I mean, my boobs love it, but my tummy? Not so much.

and thanks for the addition to zee blogroll!

Technodoll said...

1218, eighteen days now!! ghaaa! *climbs walls* It's only for a short visit though, he's not moving here until next autumn. *cries*

rs27, what do you suggest then, a coconut shell full of nails? hmm. :-D

Katana, the guilt isn't so bad but it's the stomach cramps 24 hours later that get to me. Ugh!

Deutlich, if my boobs grew a millimeter from eating fries, I'd have them 3 times a day!! I want boobs. Sigh.

Jessica Maceda said...

Don't ask for it to go by too quickly.....the same may just happen when he actually gets there ;)

Prin said...

Mmmm... Poutine... Haven't had that in a while.

19 days.. At least you have a deadline. ;)

Technodoll said...

Jessica, of course it will: it's the law of some sick bastid named Einstein, LOL!

Prin, yeah at least I do. Am counting my small blessings.