Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stinky dogs, no more!

Ah, finally... dogs are getting a much-needed bath tonight. When the dogsitter complains of the stench, it's overdue! Shampooing off the dead fish and sand from the vacation two weeks ago... eek!

What a crazy day. We lost some team members due to "restructuring", it's so very painful... great people that are suddenly gone. They'll be replaced with people who fit more into "where we want to go as a company" and I get that, it is necessary for survival... but man. So soon before our biggest tradeshow of the year, what super-sucky timing. UGH. Now it's like juggling with angry cats on fire. Christ.

So one good thing with this muggy heat and stress: I'm eating less, eating better, hardly any junk and am slimming down again, which is perfect. Still have the curves in the right places but belly getting flatter - I love it. Yayyy for veggies and fruit salads! :-)


Daszzle said...

Aww, what type of dogs do you have?

Technodoll said...

Daszzle, they are American Akitas... all the dog photos you see on my blog, that's them! :-)

Daszzle said...

aww, very cute! Funny, I live in America, but I've never heard of them :)