Thursday, July 26, 2007

The pie in the sky

Another day creaking to an end, I'm really bummed out in a way. Feel like I haven't really enjoyed the summer so far, you know? Not in the traditional way. No picnics, no swimming, no bbq outside in the shade, no long walks in the countryside, no gardening, no camping, zip nada nothing. Just a short cold rainy vacation that included ripping my heart apart in pieces, and work, work, more work, chores and errands. Fucking BLAH. I really hope life brings up tastier dishes in the near future cuz this just ain't cutting it. I refuse to believe this is all there is, dammit!

1 comment:

Prin said...

That's not true! You came up for two mini vacations to suburban cottage country. :D And with all the sand I ate those days, I'd consider it a picnic too! :D

But yeah, if we didn't haul our asses out to river every other day or to the city to see the fireworks twice a week, we'd be saying the same thing.