Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pancakes for dinner!

Banana pancakes, bathing in organic maple syrup. Why the hell not? It was awesome, it was exactly what I felt like, and it put BF on a temporary cloud 9. What's not to love? grin!

It rained pretty much nonstop today, but as Smiler said, rainy days have their purposes in that they alleviate some of the guilt we have for not wanting to be outside or in my case, not being able to because of work. As long as it stops raining at 5pm, eh? Mom Nature, are you listening?!

I need to thank Cocotteski for putting me back in touch with an old and dear friend of mine, Marcus. How one loses touch with friends is a mystery, kinda like the stain that always appears on your new white shirt, nobody knows how it got there but, there you go. It happens. But as I said in a post earlier this week, real friends... don't need huge bridges to fill the gap that time has left between the years: you just more or less take up where you left, patch it up with the biggest life events, a hug, a laugh, and it's magic.

California, here I come... leaving in two weeks. WHAT? Did I say that? ACK!!! I have to start packing! I need new shoes! I'm so not ready! Sigh. No wonder I have curly hair, it's messed up from the wind from life speeding by like a hare on fire. Maybe I need another pancake.

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Daszzle said...

I love your style. I know exactly what you mean about not minding the rain as long as it's not there during the drive home. I hope your enjoy CA... never been there but it's at the top of my list.