Tuesday, July 31, 2007

OK since I promised

Guys, here's your cleavage shot (not mine!) as a "thank you" for voting on the poll. Are we even-steven now? Whew. Never thought I'd have to use bribery but... there ya go! LOL!


matt said...

ooo la la...well I pretty impressed considering I didn't expect any in the first place. Seems like I've gotta try hard to get those panties now! Please?

Technodoll said...

LOL to clarify to the peeps reading this who are about to faint, Matt means his Special Mystery Girl he's got a thing for. Anne Onymous or something like that, feisty little thing! (he he) Does she clip her nails during work hours too? hmmmm.

matt said...

Oh I thought we were talking about you. opps!! ha The Girl is living in a different town right now. I think Anne onymous is a hater, no idea who that is.