Monday, July 23, 2007

Need to close the poll soon

Seems like it wasn't a very successful poll anyways, the votes are all over the place and basically cancel each other out, LOL! I need ideas for a new one, something provocative enough to tickle minds but general enough to interest everyone. Hmm.

There was a huge fire close to home tonight, bf took the kids out for a walk to see the damage and just called, there are apparently over a dozen firetrucks there, ambulances, police, street blocked off and cordonned off, thick black smoke still pouring out of the building hours after the fire... it's a mess. It sure shrinks my current problems down to size... How easy it is to lose everything, even one's life, so quickly up in flames. How to live with the aftermath if a loved one perished in such a stupid accident, and the last words you shared were stupid angry ones that were not worth your very breath? I think I would need therapy for the rest of my life. BF, come home now... I really need to hug you.

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