Friday, July 27, 2007

My drug of choice

I wonder if it's smart though. On my way to a meeting this morning I hit the wall. Literally. One moment I was walking down the hall and the other, I was smashed up against the wall, everything all topsy-turvy and upside down. Took a while to get my bearings, I've never been dizzier in my entire life - freaky. And the meeting ended up being an impromptu "happy birthday" for 3 peeps, celebrated with these fancy cupcakes... sugar delivered in the form of gorgeous little colored swirls of DEVIL. So now I'm running on a caffeine and insuline overdose. Great. Have another big meeting in 20 minutes, I think I am going to die before then, am feeling super shitty and nauseous right now... WHY oh WHY do I do this to myself? UGH!


joen05 said...

I definitely know what its like to be hopped up on caffeine and sugar all day. I've actually done it to myself to the point where I can't sleep, esp when I drink a lot of soda at the movie theatre (my second job) I like the way you write on your blog, I'm going to add a link to yours on mine!

Prin said...

Go home and sleep.

Go on.

Nobody will notice, I promise.

Now, go.

I'll take any flack from it, k? Just say "It's the girl who smells like skunk who made me do it."


Now you smell like skunk too. Nobody will want to be around you. Go home. :D

Technodoll said...

Hey thanks! Always lovely to meet new blogging friends... I'll add you too! Cheers and happy caffeination! LOL

Technodoll said...

LOL Prin... I did leave at 4pm, does that count??!