Thursday, July 19, 2007

Internet lock-out

Our wonderful internet provider was on the fritz last night, it was strange to be disconnected from the virtual world. At least BF had the time to give me a very nice massage to loosen up my steel-rigid muscles, I guess that was an advantage... no outside distractions for a few hours.

Still weak and shaky this morning from all the drugs. Ended up at the office at noon yesterday, worked nonstop until 7pm, then did the groceries, fixed the kitchen faucet (no more drips! yay!), yadi yada, I don't remember most of the evening I was so effing tired. Not much better today, I wish the news were better... Dark gray pregnant clouds outside, thunderstorms on the way... and more rain tomorrow. Frigging lack of summer is starting to be ENOUGH already.

Well this about sums it up then:

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Smiler said...

are you with Videotron? Is that what it was? I totally panicked and thought it was my computer going on the... Fritz last night.

Ha ha. Didn't mean to make a pun out of it, but there ya go. Which reminds me... do you happen to have, among your your tech friends and acquaintances, someone who can help me sort out my Mac??? I desperately need help!!!