Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm so sorry I failed you

Little groundhog... I knew better than to let my dogs off the leash this afternoon in the tall grassy damp field. I thought the dog hunting bells I clipped onto their collars would be enough. I thought you'd hear the dogs loudly running towards your burrough, and that it would give you enough time to get to safety. I only wanted to give them some free running time after being cooped up in the sweltering appartment all week. I never meant for them to take your life away so brutally, for them to leave you bleeding, gasping for breath and moaning in pain as Life slowly left your broken body. I asked you to please, please forgive me as I held your damp head in the palm of my hand, as I stroked your soft cheeks while sobbing like a child, wishing there was something I could do to reverse this horriffic incident. When you took your last breath I felt no relief, only more sadness than you could imagine. I'm so sorry I failed you... You will never be forgotten.

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