Friday, July 20, 2007

Getting up is hard to doooo

Somebody's brewed coffee and it's such a delightful, giddy scent... ah. It was hell tearing myself out of bed this morning, what with the thick, heavy misty disgusting rain outside and only 6 hours of sleep under my skin. Blech. Dieu merci c'est vendredi!
So I looked at the calendar this morning and nearly had a heart attack: this weekend we hit the 3rd week of July and I never saw a damn thing. Feels like summer has not even begun despite the few hot unbearable steamy days, the days are getting shorter and I'm losing my mind! WTF is this shit? So OK I'm on PMS right now and severely sleep-deprived but that doesn't make the rain dry up nor the days swing back to early June, when summer was just a smiling coy promess of good things to come. I feel cheated :-(

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