Sunday, July 22, 2007

Betrayed and disrespected

(Apologies to my dear readers, please skip this RANT as it's only directed at one certain person - I am seething and in utter disbelief and need to get the poison out - thanks for your understanding...)

I know you're reading this, and I just wanted you to know how much you've hurt me. And I hope you at least have the decency to read what I have to say because you made this happen, you deserved this. At least have the courage to face your fuck-ups. I am in no mood to be nice so brace yourself.

SHAME ON YOU for being such a deceitful, rotten lying back-stabbing two-faced SNAKE. Hah. I got you good, didn't I? I finally got the truth out of you. I knew there was a reason you've been clinging to my man like a drowning rat, bugging him all the time with MSM, text messages, phonecalls and emails. You're pathetic. Just because your crappy relationship is going to hell doesn't give you the right to sink your claws into other people's men because you're afraid to grow up and find new toys all by yourself.

At least I'm glad I found out who you really are under all that fake botoxed face. You are a very sad, über-pathetic COW. How dare you pretend to be nice to me, la-dee-da hey let's be friends, while all that time you are building a fantasy in that vapid head of yours about being with my man once he's back in Australia and then lying about it with every breath? Is this what decent human beings do to each other?

I guess it doesn't really matter because nothing will take away or destroy the love he and I have for each other, specially not you. Nothing you will ever say or do will make you half the woman that I am, no matter how much makeup you slap on your fat face or how much cleavage you show to distract men from your empty head. You're a nobody, just remember that. I hope you rot in hell, you goddamn russian piece of shit bitch.


Chicago Sheri said...

so sorry
but glad you found out and are in the know now


Smiler said...

yikes. glad I haven't gotten on your bad side... good thing we have very different taste in men eh? :O

Smiler said...

...that being said I'd be totally pissed too. You sure told that biatch, whoever she is! Go gurlie! :))))

Prin said...

Lemme see if I can get it right...


Hurtful? Check.
Snakey? Check.
After your man? Mehbeh.
Russian and botoxed? Dang, it's not me afterall. Tsk. I was so close too.

Maybe I can go get some botox and then put some z's and backward N's in my name...


Daszzle said...

Well done! I am so proud of you for speaking your mind to some vamp who obviously deserved it. That being said- I really hope things turn around for you and that the pain caused disapears soon.

Technodoll said...

Thanks gurls... I knew you would understand. There's something evil to be said about women who break the "code of honor" and do shit like that. It stinks, it really stinks. LEAVE MY MAN ALONE is what she needs to understand. Go collect rocks or stamps, not men! GHHA.