Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Almost curfew time...

...pretty soon bf will nag at me to go to bed, LOL! Good thing cuz I get carried away, sipping wine and trolling the net and catching up on forums and blogs... man, I'm so far behind right now it's discouraging. Smiler, whatever happened to NSNGND? Did I do something wrong? :(

Again the short evening flew by... oh la la is it ever still gross and sticky and tomorrow is gonna be WORSE and wtf am I supposed to wear!! I sweat rivers walking to and from work, and freeze to death in the air-conditioned office for the entire day. I can't win! Anyways. Catherine Zeta-Jones is on David Letterman right now, oh is she ever hot, proof that cosmetic surgery is so worth it sometimes (she's had her nose and eyes done, and a few other things). Brunettes rock! No wonder so many blondes dye their hair dark... Artificial intelligence. Tsk.

Went tanning tonight, getting that gorgeous golden honey glow back and the freckles, well they're part of the package so I guess they're ok. Still have a ways to go before I'm ready for the superhot party at the House of Blues in San Diego in two weeks. Rock ON baby!!

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Smiler said...

it's nothing you did. I just grew suspicious that the ex might be reading it since he's still trying to contact me. And besides, figured it's probably not so very healthy for me to be sharing my deepest darkest toughts with radom strangers and friends and exes alike.

btw, thanks for taking my defense the other day, that was very sweet of you.