Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alive and kicking

Or rather alive and sticking - it's bleddy hot and humid outside again, a real sauna. Thank god for A/C in the bedroom, it was bliss... and the dogs thought so, too! Went to bed too late again and too wound up, couldn't sleep, luckily some major cuddles with sexy bf fixed all that... Loves comes in waves lately, always carried by strong currents - and conquering adversity only makes us stronger and more united, how ironic!

My morning was however wasted with another headache, and I got to work at noon. UGH. Big pile o'stuff to do on my desk... luckily my dogsitter just called so the kids get to be "in air-conditioned disneyland" for the rest of the day. I love that man... he takes care of the dogs as if they were his own. I wish I knew how to spoil him half as much as he spoils us.

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